How to Colour Coordinate Your Gemstone to Your Outfit

Jewellery is meant to add value to your outfit. It isn’t there to distract, and it isn’t meant to be thrown on “just because.” The wrong jewellery can actually draw attention to your flaws, but when you coordinate your gemstones and outfit well, you’ll look stunning.

But how do you make sure your jewellery is accomplishing its goal of adding value to what you’re wearing? Follow these guidelines on how to colour coordinate your gemstone to your outfit, and you won’t go wrong.

How to Colour Coordinate Your Gemstone to Your Outfit

The colour wheel will be your biggest help in determining which gemstones go with the colours in your outfit.


  1. First, determine the main colour of your outfit. If you’re wearing a purple top with grey pants, the main colour of your outfit is purple.
  2. Find your outfit colour on the colour wheel.detachable-drops-colour-wheel-white-580x570
  3. Look across the wheel from your outfit colour to find its complementary colour. That purple top we talked about? It will look stunning with citrine or gold tones.A coral top will look beautiful with blue.


What About Black, White, and Neutrals?

Black, white, and neutral colours aren’t found on the colour wheel, so what do you do with them? Happily, nearly anything looks beautiful with black or white. Gemstones or not, it’s hard to go wrong with black, white, and neutral.

StyleRocks_how to colour coordinate your gemstone to your outfit

How to colour coordinate your gemstone to your outfit


And of course, diamonds go with any outfit (but we didn’t need to tell you that!).



What about pearls? While they look beautiful with most anything, they stand out their best when paired with blue and green outfits.


Your Beautiful Features

Did you know your skin tone and hair colour are already primed to look stunning with certain gemstones?

Determine if you have a cool or warm skin tone to help you choose the best colours of gemstones for your skin. Red, purple, and blue look especially stunning on cool-toned skin, while yellow, orange, and green will stand out beautifully against warm skin tones.

And don’t forget the power of your hair colour! Brown hair goes especially well with green gemstones, while blondes look stunning in pastel gemstones. Black hair looks great with the contrast of orange-hued gemstones, and gray hair looks so beautiful with purple gemstones. Red hair looks spectacular against green gemstones.

Of course, breaking the rules works well from time to time as well. Just remember that the right gemstone will help you look healthy and beautiful. Follow these guidelines, but use the confidence test as your final guideline: Do you feel confident in your outfit and gemstone? If yes, then wear it with pride!

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