How StyleRocks Russian Rings created magic for Cate Blanchett

This post covers how StyleRocks Russian Rings created magic for Cate Blanchett, someone who has brought so much magic to others.

Where the dream started

Someone once said, if you aim for the moon, you just might catch a star on the way.

When I founded StyleRocks, my customisable jewellery business, I thought long and hard about what kind of woman would best represent StyleRocks. It could be in any field – fashion, design, sport. The key criteria was that they had made it their own, they’d done it on their own terms. And when it came to the acting arena, the first person I thought of was Cate Blanchett. A long-term fan of hers from an acting perspective, I’ve also admired her fashion and jewellery choices too, as I’ve blogged about here and here.

Cate has not only broken a number of acting barriers with her incredible talent but she’s also a devoted mother of three boys, and patron of the arts. So when I was offered a chance to present Cate with a StyleRocks piece, I just about fainted with excitement. Not because of who she is; it was more about realising that that moment, which I’d dreamed of for so long, now looked like it may become a reality. That I might catch a star  – literally and metaphorically – after all.

How the magic started

During the live interview on stage, a number of us in the audience wanted to hear about the red carpet moments but other topics covered included the management of the Sydney Theatre Company, her transition into acting and as always, the juggle involved with working (acting) and being a mother.

After question time, the children walked out on stage. Hugo & Sam walked out first and shook Cate’s hand. Charlotte & Sacha walked out next; Sacha held open the box while Charlotte gave the ‘Charlotte’ Russian Rings necklace to Cate, who graciously put it on, remarking “It’s beautiful.”

Then Charlotte started to dance, her version of ballet. And the thing is – and I say this with all the love in the world as her devoted mother – she’s not brilliant at it. But what she lacks in technique, she makes up for in enthusiasm and attitude. So she made some movements with her arms and the 800-strong audience laughed. Then she spun, and the audience loved it. Buoyed by the crowd reaction, she then did a pirouette (of sorts) and by now Cate had been completely upstaged – by a twirling 4 year old!

Backstage with Cate Blanchett

The lights went down and I headed backstage to check on my budding ballet prodigy, who was now running around like a whirling dervish (goodbye normal bedtime!) and was introduced to Cate, who was keen to talk about her new Russian Rings necklace.


Image credit: StyleRocks

Cate loved the design of the necklace, which evokes unity and a bond that cannot be broken. She commented on its quality, noting what a weighty and solid piece it was.


Image credit: StyleRocks

Cate’s husband, the respected playwright and director Andrew Upton, also admired the Russian Rings necklace, noting that Catriona Wallace, MC for the evening, was wearing it in rose gold and that I was wearing it in yellow gold.

A shared vision

Anne had discussed Cate’s call to arms at the 2014 Academy Awards: Cate gave a voice to the under-represented gender in her industry, pointing out that women’s films DO make money so why not spend more money making more interesting films about women?

Backstage we spoke about this in the context of our shared challenges: as a female, I’m also part of the (significantly) under-represented in the both the entrepreneurial and the technology space. We talked about the need to keep providing a voice for women and highlighting the issues until one day, they won’t be an issue any more.

Keep them close to your heart

Many women speak of the guilt and anxiety they feel when leaving their children to go to work; that conflict of ‘I’m here when I should be with them.’ And it turns out that these sentiments are similarly shared by Cate.

Like the necklace, everything came full circle: we were able to give a little magic back to someone who creates magic – on screen and stage – for millions of people.

She realised that by wearing the Russian Rings necklace, her children would always be close to her heart. That emotional connection, being able to keep her children close to her heart, is the magic of the Russian Rings necklace and is in fact, the greatest gift that we could ever give her.

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