How do you wear it?

Jewellery is so flexible.You can dress it up, or dress it down. Or change it so you make it uniquely yours.

A gold pendant is pretty versatile – it can go with a pair of jeans, or with a little black dress for evening.

Silver hoops, depending on your outfit, can look very sixties or very modern.

Cocktail rings on the other hand, tend to be more of a statement: while you can wear them to the gym of course, you may find they get caught in the weights machine! So sometimes best to save them for those dazzling evening occasions.

I find that I tend to wear all my favourite items all the time: this means I have a selection of gold bracelets that jangle from my wrists, and it’s not unusual for me to exercise with my favourite pearl earrings.

How do you wear your jewellery? Do you save it for occasions, or do you take the approach that every day is an occasion?


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