Her Fitness Box launch: yoga, bliss balls & wellbeing

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the launch of Her Fitness Box this week, on a slightly overcast Tuesday morning at the beautiful Yarranabbe Park in Rushcutters Bay, with wonderful views of Sydney Harbour and the iconic Harbour Bridge.

What is Her Fitness Box?

Her Fitness Box is a monthly subscription service – the first of its kind in Australia! – delivering hints, tips, wellness products and a good dose of inspiration to your door. It’s the new service from the same company who launched Her Fashion Box, who deliver monthly beauty & lifestyle goodies to the hands of their waiting customers. Behind Her Fashion Box & Her Fitness Box is Kath Purkis (below, left), a veteran – at the ripe old age of sub 30! – of entrepreneurship and the fashion retailing space. Kath has long been a supporter of my customisable jewellery business StyleRocks; we clicked instantly the first time we met and have since gone on to do many speaking engagements on our respective businesses together, at Google, Apple and others. Kath has brought on Lucette to manage Her Fitness Box at a daily level, so it was the lovely Lucette who welcomed us on the day, who we see here with Kath.

What does one wear to an exercise event launch?

Good question. I wore my Michelle Bridges work out gear, complete with cool pink visor to hold the hair off my face. And as for jewellery, well you need to wear minimum jewellery so it doesn’t get in the way of all those push ups (ha ha), so I kept it simple – wearing some StyleRocks diamond rings – one round brilliant cut diamond ring in a 9ct yellow gold setting, one princess cut diamond ring in a 9ct white gold setting – with a recent Her Fashion Box pink bow ring in between. The pink bow toned perfectly with my visor, natch. I also wore some beautiful pink pearl stud earrings – at 8mm, they’re the right size (and toned with my outfit too).





Mostly, everyone wore Lycra as we see here.

What happened at the launch of Her Fitness Box?

We exercised of course! A gentle stroll got everyone moving, and enabled us to all meet each other. I was lucky enough to meet some lovely bloggers: Andrea from Leather & Lattes, Sharon from Primped & Primed and Joanne from BamitsJoanne. Then the excellent Sash from Yoga By the Sea (what a great idea), gave us a half hour yoga class, after which we all felt very much better. Patrick from Eagle Eye Fitness gave us some exercise tips but in case we forgot them, they’re printed on handy little cards within the goodie bags, as well as also being available on YouTube.










Then with our exercise done, it was time to sample the delicious treats -coconut water, strawberries and these insane cacao bliss balls – which I had happened to discover just a few days earlier online myself! These were from the Path to Wellness website and they are just fabulous – recipe here.

Lucette had showed us a little bit of what was in the bag at the event but at home, I had a proper look and oh boy, what a treat! (I should note that this is not what is in the box on a regular basis – just a special ‘once-off’ for launch attendees.)


There was:

  • Bondi Sands self tan
  • Bondi Sands tan remover mit
  • Skipping rope (this was in addition to our yoga mat we had been able to keep)
  • Shop Til You Drop magazine
  • Muesli for me
  • Babe scrub exfoliator
  • White glo toothpaste
  • Pureology moisturising oil for hair
  • Recipe / Fitness tip cards I mentioned earlier

So what’s in Her Fitness Box on a monthly basis?

Well, the monthly box – for $39.95 –  will contain:

2  x Fitness accessories (think skipping rope, sweatband)

4 x Health and Lifestyle deluxe samples (so think self-tan, muesli, green tea, smoothies, etc)

1 x collectable tote bag (I don’t know about you but I love these!)

Below are the contents for the inaugural box.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to getting my first one!

Pascale x


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