Hello and welcome to StyleRocks

Hello readers!

If you’re reading this, you’ve arrived at the starting point of the idea behind the startup business of www.stylerocks.com

I can hear a couple of key questions from you:

1. What is stylerocks.com and
2. Who am I?

To answer…
1. stylerocks.com is the future of fashion jewellery – where you design your own jewellery online
2. Who am I?

Well, I am many things. Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, career girl, traveller, reader, writer, adventurer, employer…Not sure you want to hear my whole life story though. So in a nutshell – prior to motherhood, I had 14 years of asset management marketing experience with some of the bluest of blue chip names in the world.

However, I realised quite early on in my maternity leave that I would never be able to work the kind of job I used to (50 hour weeks, high stress etc) with the new love of my life – my children. So I started casting around for some kind of career where I could work from home.

2 things conspired to help me come up with my brainchild of stylerocks.com. Firstly, my husband wanted to buy me a lovely piece of jewellery to celebrate the birth of our twins. I looked everywhere on the internet for something appropriate and meaningful, to celebrate birth – and the fact it was a double birth! I searched all the usual big name brands, some middle names and then some others. Nada, zip and zilch. And of course, being 8 months pregnant, I didn’t have the energy to trawl up and down the high street for hours! So we didn’t buy anything, for want of choice. All this got me thinking ‘I really need to design something myself’ – but of course, by now, the twins were born and I didn’t have the time to spend hours collaborating with a designer.

The second thing that happened was that, during the first week of our relocation back to Australia in September 2010, I happened to read about a website where you could design your shoes online – Shoes of Prey. I looked it up and voila! I thought this was perfect – and this is exactly what I needed to design my own jewellery.

And so the idea of stylerocks.com was born.

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6 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to StyleRocks

  1. Hi Pascale

    Congratulations, your holding page has already grabbed my attention. The logo in particular is fabulous! I look forward to the launch and wish you the best of luck.

  2. Congratulations! This is exactly what the Australian jewellery market needs. Can’t wait to see your business develop.

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