Guest blog: StyleRocks press showing review by Mary, our intern

Hello StyleRockers!
This is Mary here – I’m one of the interns over at StyleRocks. Did you know that last month, StyleRocks celebrated its first birthday? So much has happened in one year and I’ve been lucky enough to have been around for half of it, witnessing how StyleRocks has grown. And why wouldn’t it – where else can you design your own quality, affordable jewellery online and be able to control the price as well?

A few weeks ago, Pascale Helyar-Moray (Founder and Creator of StyleRocks) held a week of press showings to introduce StyleRocks and update our guests with the changes that have been made in the past year, highlighting new features such as the pearl jewellery additions and gift certificates function. Everyone was wowed by the jewellery customisation offered (and the 3 trillion possible combinations), and had a great time trying on all the jewellery showcased. Pearls were particularly popular, especially the leather and pearl bracelet (it’s one of my favourite styles too).

Media and influencers who attended included titles such as BRIDE TO BE Magazine, Fashion Bible VOGUE, Shopping Queen Kathy Sheeran, Fashion guru Glynis Traill-Nash, Chelsea Tromans (LifeStyled) and some of our favourite Sydney bloggers.

Amongst the most popular pieces were our Silver Curb Chain Necklace with Sunglasses Pendant, Pink Sapphire Emerald Cut Cocktail Ring and Pink Pearl Bracelet with Silver Ball Clasp – I can see why!

Now, as this was my first experience with press showings, I’d like to share a few things that I’ve learned from them with you:
• Event Management – I had never before realised just how much work goes into organising an event, especially when the end result made it all look so effortless. From choosing a venue to organising the guest list, jewellery and decor, Pascale and Liana (from LsquaredINK) just did a fantastic job in not only organising the entire week, but also creating a cozy environment for our guests to hear about StyleRocks and play around with the jewellery.
We have to thank our supporters including EFF Sparkling Fruit Juice (kept everyone hydrated), Mozi (added a touch of luxe to our gift bags) and Fromage La Rue – for the show stopping StyleRocks initials up in lights.

• Experience – A mix of fashion journalists (print and online) as well as bloggers attended StyleRocks’ press showings and I was particularly excited about the latter because as well as following a few of their blogs myself, I’m just so fascinated by blogging – how it has grown globally, the role of social media and seeing how bloggers are the new “influencers”. Meeting the journalists was no less exciting – for one thing, it was great to put names and faces to the publications, and listening to them share their experiences over many years of work within the fashion and media industries left me feeling incredibly inspired. In any case, it was great to meet so many people with different levels of experience in the industry.

• Communication – The press showings really emphasised to me how important it is to be able to communicate well in order and share your vision and passion with someone else. If you didn’t know already, Pascale is an amazing speaker, and while I was already familiar with StyleRocks’ capabilities and growth in the past year, listening to Pascale talk about StyleRocks and demonstrate how to design jewellery on the website really brought home to me how special and exciting StyleRocks is, especially as a consumer. You just get so much choice; there really is something for everyone. Pascale was fantastic in getting that across to everyone – I don’t think that anyone left the press showings without feeling inspired by what she has achieved or without wanting to head straight home and have a play on the website!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for StyleRocks during its second year and I’m so glad that I’m along for the ride. Check out my photos collage below!

Mary the Intern

Photo credits:
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