Grammys 2014: And the winner for best jewelry is…

“And the winner for best jewelry is…” If only there were that official category!

Typically, the Grammys are a less blinging affair than any of the other drama awards. While not exactly a dressed-down affair, we don’t see the same level of formality, complete with blinding jewelry and knock-out dresses. However, the Grammys do tend to present us with a greater variety of jewelry than we might see at the GGs (Golden Globes) or the Oscars, so let’s review who wore what. For this review, I’m going to focus only on earrings (rather than rings or bracelets), as they are most important in the context of the whole outfit.

Most unusual jewelry

First up we have Guiliana Rancic wearing Alex Perry for her dress.

Giuliana Rancic










Image credit: JustJared

Alex Perry is an Australian designer who specializes in knock-out gowns for big occasions; he’s certainly delivered here. There are very few people who could pull off a tangerine gown but certainly Giuliana, with her olive skin, has pulled it off without any problems.

Let’s take a close-up at her earrings.










Image credit: JustJared


With yellow gold and diamonds, these H. Stern earrings are a really interesting selection. She’s opted to stay away from the classic chandelier or dangle earring here, which would have been the obvious choice for the neckline of the gown.  Looking at them closely, they resemble waves and it seems – but it’s hard to id correctly – whether they have an orange stone in them towards the back of the ear. If it is an orange stone, it could either be a darker-toned citrine, hessonite garnet or even orange sapphire. Whatever the gemstone, it tones perfectly with both her skin and the dress.

Prettiest jewelry

Speaking of interesting earrings, I then came across this photo of Skylar Grey, a US singer.

Skylar Grey










Image credit: JustJared

To be honest, the dress – beige wet-look Michael Costello – really didn’t do much for me. Nor, to be honest, for Skylar. While she has a fabulous figure, the colour seems to tone in with the colour of the skin on her body and also drains the colour from her face.

However – what I loved about her outfit were her earrings. LOVE! They are certainly the best thing about her look.










Image credit: JustJared


As yet they are unidentified but what we can see is that they are 2-tier drop earrings in what look to be rose gold with a sandblast finish and set with some kind of of pink pearlescent stones. Perhaps a cabochon rose quartz? Perhaps a chalcedony of some kind? It could even be moonstone which looks a bit pink thanks to the rose gold.

UPDATE: After posting this blog on Instagram, we received a message from L’Dezen, the brand behind these fabulous earrings! The designer, Payal, told us that they were indeed 18 carat rose gold but the stones were actually sliced diamonds. Wow. She was also kind enough to provide us with a close-up of these earrings, from the L’Dezen ‘Fierce’ collection – see below.









Most classic jewelry

Taylor Swift looks just divine.

Taylor Swift










Image credit: JustJared

As well as having a figure made for this chain-mail Gucci dress, she’s really upped it in the style stakes recently as well. Her appearance wearing Carolina Herrera at the Golden Globes certainly put her on StyleRocks best-dressed list; whether it’s her personal style evolving or a new stylist, who knows? And who cares? She looks fantastic!

With a dress like this, which shimmers (and, is apparently really heavy to wear too, according to Swift), together with its very busy collar, ear accessories need to be kept neutral.










Image credit: JustJared

By Lorraine Schwartz, a celebrity jewelry favourite, these diamond drop earrings represent a more understated style than we’ve seen in other posts but are the perfect accessory for this particular dress.

So who wins winner for best jewelry at the 2014 Grammys? The most unusual earrings? The most beautiful earrings? Or the most classic earrings?

Well, as always, you have to look at the jewelry in the context of the rest of the outfit, together with how well it all hung together. And on that basis, the StyleRocks award goes to…Taylor Swift!

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