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When we created StyleRocks, it was with a view to customers being able to create their jewellery exactly as they wanted it: rose gold instead of yellow for their bracelet. A brushed finish instead of a matte one? No problem. By giving the customer control over the design process, it enabled them to customise their jewellery exactly as they wanted it.

The really exciting component about designing their own jewellery was the ability to ‘build’ it layers: choose the ring, add a charm to the ring (ie a daisy) and then, if you’re feeling a bit rich that day, add a little stone to the centre of that ring. The example I always like to give is – where else can you create a silver heart necklace for your mum, engraved and customised with her birthstone all for under $200? (Answer: you can’t!)

But what’s been really interesting for us to see over the first 9 months of trading is how popular gemstones have been. While we’ve seen quite a few necklaces with the customisation described above (silver hearts, rose necklaces, etc) and some cufflinks as well, it’s definitely been gemstones that have a lot of traction.

With the gemstones, we chose semi-precious stones which are affordable: so diamonds were out, amethyst and blue topaz are in.

We’ve even discovered some gemstones we didn’t know existed: created pink sapphire for example).

Here’s our ‘hero’ product: the emerald cut ring in pink sapphire

…and in blue topaz

Onyx too has been popular

While the pink sapphire also looks great in this cushion cabochon

And of course, gemstone earrings have been strong sellers too – again the emerald cut in blue topaz

and green amethyst

And the cushion cabochon in onyx has sold well too

So this is all very interesting. Maybe we should consider renaming to ‘Gemrocks’?!? What do you think?

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