Do you love jewellery as much as me?

As I may have mentioned before, I love jewellery. I love looking at it, I love thinking about it and I certainly love wearing it.

I often look at jewellery in magazines and wonder what the thought process was behind it, what was the designer thinking when they created that particular idea of shape. Or perhaps why they chose that kind of stone instead of another. And when a piece of jewellery is given a name such as ‘Capri’, I ask myself if it reminds me of Capri. That sort of thing.

I’ve designed a few pieces of jewellery myself – even though I’m not a trained jewellery designer. I’ve been given lovely pieces on various occasions but they weren’t quite right for me: either the shape wasn’t working for my finger, or the stone didn’t go with my skin tone. So I’ve had quite a few visits to various jewellers to amend these and in the process, really enjoyed the discussions around design.

These visits have all contributed to the idea behind Stylerocks too!

Tell me how much you love jewellery – what are some of your jewellery stories?


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