Afraid to Commit? Try Detachable Drop Earrings

So many ways to sparkle!


Alright, all you commitment-phobes — detachable drop earrings are here to set your mind at ease as they take the fear out of committing. You may struggle to commit to a city where you’ll live to raise your family, to a vehicle purchase, even to a paint color for your kitchen walls… but you don’t have to feel that struggle when it comes to the stylish, trending detachable drop earrings from StyleRocks.

When you wear earrings, you’re adding an enhancement to your best and most beautiful feature — your lovely face. If you only sort of like a certain style or gem, don’t hang it near your stunning smile! You deserve to be head over heels in love with the earrings you choose to wear.

Because you want to get it right when you’re selecting beautiful gemstones for earrings, it’s easy for that fear of commitment to pop up — will these princess cut blue topaz sterling silver drop earrings make you happy all summer? (Yes. Yes, they will.) But will they match every outfit you might want to wear with them?



That’s debatable. While they’ll look stunning with probably half your wardrobe, there’s that other half to contend with.

That’s why detachable drop earrings from StyleRocks are capturing attention from the top tier royal bloggers, WhatKateWore and HRH Duchess Kate. In addition to being the same style as drop earrings as worn by the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton), these beauties are recognised for being oh-so-perfect for any stylish, struggling-to-commit woman — you can interchange different gems on the same pair of hoop earrings.


Customise your detachable drop earrings any way you’d like. Start with the hoop in gold or white gold; with diamonds or without. Customising gives you the option to make the design your own.
style rocks detachable drop earrings hoop_only Style Rocks hoop_only_silver__

Style Rocks white gold and diamond narrow hoops Style Rocks yellow gold and diamond narrow hoops

Add the drop. Customise your gem and cut. With an impressive rainbow of colour options, finding the right gemstone for your outfit or personality won’t be hard at all.

Style Rocks Round_Brilliant_Drops_onyx__Style_Rocks_Cushion_Checkerboard_Gemstone_Drop_Earrings_pink_sapphireStyle_Rocks_Cushion_Checkerboard_Gemstone_Drop_Earrings_WG_sapphireStyle_Rocks_Round_Brilliant_Drops_white_quartz

Style_Rocks_Cushion_Checkerboard_Gemstone_Drop_Earrings_WG_green_amethyst Style_Rocks_Cushion_Checkerboard_Gemstone_Drop_Earrings_WG_rose_quartzStyle_Rocks_yellow_gold_detachable_pearl_drop_earringsStyle_Rocks_Cushion_Checkerboard_Gemstone_Drop_Earrings_YG_amethyst_Style-Rocks-Cushion_Checkerboard_Gemstone_Drop_Earrings_onyx__









StyleRocks-Princess-Cut-Blue-Topaz-Drop EarringsReturn and repeat!

How will you style your detachable drop earrings?



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