Design your own…(ring / necklace / bracelet / cufflinks etc!)

I was excited to see the launch of another ‘design your own [item name]’ here yesterday – by friend and colleague in the mass customisation movement, Sterling and Hyde. They have a different business model to StyleRocks: they already have a boutique in Sorrento and have now expanded their offline customisation capabilities into their online service, Sterling & Hyde Custom. You choose your basic style of handbag, your kind and colour of leather, your leather accents colours, your hardware – and voila! Your (very affordable) bag is designed, and ready to purchase.

This presence confirms yet again the appetite for ‘design your own…’ movement that seems to be growing more and more momentum. Earlier this week, I caught some TV footage from The Morning Show, who did a feature on ‘One Size Fits All’, presented by Shop Confessions’ Kathy Sheeran. They featured Shoes of Prey (shoes), Joe Button (shirts), Duo Boots (a UK bootmaker) and Herringbone. Surely StyleRocks – a world-first, design your own jewellery website, with affordable quality jewellery – is destined for their follow-up segment on this?!

Opportunities aside, the increasing popularity of ‘mass customisation’ offerings is interesting to watch. As I’ve mentioned in an interview with Power Retail, there’s now over 6 billion people in the world – we’re all looking to express ourselves as accurately and individually as possible.

So if that means designing your own necklace, customising your ring, creating your own bracelet, personalising your weddding ring…then StyleRocks would seem to be in a good place to capture that groundswell of customer demand!

One thought on “Design your own…(ring / necklace / bracelet / cufflinks etc!)

  1. Pascale and Style Rocks, thanks for your support! Our new custom handbag range has been a long time in the making and we are so proud to now help women create that dream handbag they have been searching high and low for.

    Amy xx

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