Design your engagement ring online with simplified diamond choice

Design your engagement ring online with simplified diamond choice.  StyleRocks is disrupting the traditional diamond selection process, with the introduction of engagement rings to its range.


Design Your Own Engagement Ring At StyleRocks

We’ve identified the best-selling styles of engagement rings – now it’s up to you to design her engagement ring and make it truly unique for her.

Designing your own engagement ring online at StyleRocks means choosing a ring style, then customising it through a choice of metals – platinum, 18 or 14 carat gold, in yellow, white or rose.

To complete the design process, StyleRocks offers a market-first, where you select your central diamond, choosing from one of 3 grades.

Each engagement ring is made bespoke for you, to your order specifications, as is all other jewellery at StyleRocks

How Do I Decide On The Diamond For My Engagement Ring?

We’ve simplified the 4Cs.

You’ve heard of these – cut, clarity, colour and carat – when it comes to diamond selection for an engagement ring.

Cut is the term commonly mis used for ‘shape’ (although it actually refers to the stone’s proportions) and carat are easy to understand.

However the tradeoffs between colour and clarity – and their impact on price – are hard to understand and harder to quantify. The colour difference between an E and G diamond cannot be seen with the naked eye, nor can the clarity difference between VVSI and VSI.

So how do you know which diamond to choose?

To solve this customer confusion, we’ve simplified the selection process.

We’ve designed engagement rings where every central diamond measures a generous 1 carat in size. To accommodate different cuts, we offer a range of options – round brilliant, cushion, princess, emerald and pear – based on popular styles.


As for colour & clarity, we have 3 ‘grades’ of central diamond for each style: A, AA and AAA. The grade depends on the diamond’s clarity and colours, and is reflected in the price accordingly.


As a customer, all you need to do is decide on the style of engagement ring – and the grade of diamond.

Each engagement ring comes with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, showing the diamond’s exact specifications, together with a valuation certificate from an approved member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers.

You’re able to purchase the engagement rings either outright, or via a Paypal Instalment plan over a period of up to four months. For those who are unsure of the ring’s style and size, you can purchase a 3D version of the engagement ring first, before committing to any further purchase.

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