December birthstone Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is the birthstone of December. This is one of my favourite months already with Christmas, but with the addition of blue topaz? Double bonus!

Most people are aware of blue topaz, given its popularity and its flexibility when it comes to wearing it. It’s the perfect ring accessory for so many outfit colours: pinks, whites, reds (a personal favourite) and even blacks.

While you might be aware of blue topaz, the question is – which shade? There happen to be a few:

Light blue – known as Sky blue

Mid blue – known as Swiss blue

Dark blue – known as London blue

Of these, it’s the Swiss Blue – a strong rich colour that has become the most popular of the blue topaz shades – and probably the one that you’re most familiar with.

And aquamarines can sometimes be confused with light blue topaz…although blue topaz is a fraction of the aquamarine cost!

This ring seen here is a very interesting one, simply because of its colour. While sold as a London (darker blue), it’s actual colour seems to me to be closer to Swiss blue. Additionally its cut – cushion checkerboard – give it a real sparkle thanks to the many facets.


Blue topaz is mined in Brazil, Afghanistan, Myanmar, China, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, Namibia and Australia, just to name a few countries – it is a relatively easily found and mined gemstone. Light blue topazes are also found in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall.

What do you think: which shade of blue topaz would you wear?



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