Dannii Minogue: StyleRocks ‘wishlist’ brand ambassador

Yesterday I attended a Business Chicks breakfast at The Westin Hotel, Sydney, at which the guest speaker was Dannii Minogue. You’ve never seen 1000 women cooing over such a beautiful, stylish woman as we saw yesterday. She bounced on to the stage, all perfect, petite proportions and all of us fell in love with her. Instant girl-crush for the whole room!

The ever-stylish and classy Natarsha Belling, wearing the cream Tyra dress from Dannii’s Project D label, conducted an interview with Dannii where she shared her thoughts on her experiences in business to date. As we know, Dannii has a number of strings to her bow: performing on Young Talent Time, her solo singing career, designing a label with KMart at a young age, being a judge on X Factor in the UK and becoming a mum.

As she spoke, she came across as down to earth, hard-working and passionate. In fact, I was struck by the number of similarities and parallels in our lives:

1. Australian / English living arrangements (in fact, she mentioned she used to live in Battersea, London – which is where we lived for 7 years, prior to our return to Australia)
2. Her baby boy, Ethan is just a few months younger than my twins, Master & Miss StyleRocks
3. She spoke of her passion for what she does: “If you go to bed and wake up thinking about it, that’s your passion” – something I’ve said myself on one of my Sky News interviews
4. Dannii described, when starting Project D, that neither she nor her business partners could draw…so the lesson learned was to outsource what you’re not good at – again, something I’ve spoken about in media interviews (SMH, Dynamic Business, etc)
5. She spoke of ‘just doing it’. I’m a firm believer in this : sometimes if you stop and think about the enormity of the task, you become overwhelmed – just better to get on and do it.
Her solution to stress and working closely with her business partner, Tabitha Somerset-Webb, is to laugh and drink wine – a strategy I endorse whole-heartedly!

After the presentation, she was available for book-signing so around 250 women RUSHED to get in the queue. After some time, it was my turn to meet her and so I used the opportunity to present her with her very own StyleRocks necklace. Dannii GENUINELY LOVED the necklace and put it on straightaway – here’s a photo of us together.

Customised to represent her life, the microphone represents her singing/judging career, the bootie represents Ethan and the handbag represents Project D. Here’s a close-up:

With all the similarities in our lives: working mums with the shared-Australia/English connection, with the same work ethos and approach to life, sharing the entrepreneurial journey together, Dannii would make a wonderful StyleRocks brand ambassador! She’s really ‘made it her own’, made an impact on whatever business she’s in, and done so with style and grace.

And knowing that Project D isn’t doing accessories yet, wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was some way in which we could collaborate together…

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