Customized vs custom-made jewelry

At StyleRocks, what we do is customized jewelry online. This means that you select your starting piece from our range of women’s rings, men’s rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks. After choosing your item, you then customise your jewellery as you want.

You choose your metal: silver, 9 or 18 carat gold (all colours) or platinum. Then choose your finish: shiny, matte or brushed. Did you know you can plate a jewellery item at StyleRocks? Plating is really like a paint; you can create a piece in silver and then choose a yellow or rose gold plate to put over the top. This allows you to get the look for less!

Further jewelry customization is available through choosing adding stones: either small precious birthstones to add to your ring, necklace or earring, or bigger semi-precious gemstones for your cocktail ring or earrings. Finally you can customize your ring, or bracelet or necklace by adding from over one of our 100 charms. The ability to build your jewellery item’ from the bottom up’, is really what sets StyleRocks apart and makes it unique.

Because you’re driving the design process and we’re dealing direct with the manufacturer, this means that we’ve been able to cut out the middleman – the jeweller. This is what makes the jewellery customization process affordable, and we’re able to offer an emerald cut amethyst cocktail ring – normally $1200 – for $500. Yes, true! Here is a beautiful picture of this very ring.

Emerald cut amethyst silver cocktail ring
Emerald cut amethyst silver cocktail ring

But what we don’t do is custom-made jewellery. So the StyleRocks website doesn’t allow you (currently) to design a ring or a jewellery around an existing stone for example. Of course we can, thanks to our relationship with Australia’s largest jewellery manufacturer but once we start doing this, it becomes ‘customized’ customized jewelry. It requires specific drawings, incurring time and cost, and you lose the economies of scale we’ve been able to achieve for you otherwise!

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