Customised jewellery / customized jewelry (however you spell it!)

One of the trickiest things about StyleRocks is the word jewellery. Or jewelry. Or jewellry. Or any of the other numerous permutations about the word!

The word comes from ‘jouel’ which is an old French word, and before that, from the Latina ‘jocale’ meaning plaything.

Ok, the French version is a lot trickier than the English version – but that said, the English one is hard to get right even at the best of times.

What is tough, though, is that the world is split in their opinion on how to spell it. Australia and the UK spell it jewellery (or jewelery), while the US and Canada spell it as jewelry. This of course, makes it tricky in terms of being found on the web in terms of search through Google or Bing.

That said, regardless of how you spell it, you’ll see that StyleRocks is a ground-breaking DIY beautiful, affordable, quality jewellery, where you can:

– cutomise / customize
– personalise / personalize
– engrave
– design
…your jewellery/jewelry, exactly as you want it!

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