A Sweet Customisation Collaboration: StyleRocks X nectar&stone

A customisation collaboration, you say? What is that? Well, it’s what happens when a couple of companies who both focus on customisation come together. And in an unexpectedly delicious way!

How did this collaboration start?

nectar&stone is a Melbourne-based company which makes oh-so-pretty, stylish desserts tailored to each customer’s requirements. Visit their site and you’ll see chocolate gold-leaf pyramids, macarons in divine pastel shades, donuts all shades of the rainbow garnished with flowers, cupcakes with swoon-worthy amounts of icing. With a clientele that includes Dior, Kate Spade and others, we were flattered to be approached!

The company was established in 2013 with a vision to design, create and tell a story of eating with style and pushing creative boundaries. “From dessert creation, styling to photography, the journey showcases and captures the soft and feminine aesthetic of the brand which has evolved to include limited art pieces.” As you know, we love any company which is pushing the boundaries of its field.

nectar&stone came across StyleRocks through Pinterest! And then went on to Instagram to discover more about us. The founder had been unable to find a ring in the exact metal / gemstone colour combination she wanted (sound familiar?!) and came across StyleRocks, being a custom jewellery company.

One thing led to another and before we knew where we were, we were excitedly discussing a collaboration over email. Not just any old emails; there were references to peonies, Instagram links were shared and ring comparisons made.

So out of this excitement came actually not one, but two wonderful customisation collaborations.

The first collaboration: where jewellery meets desserts (and they fall in love)

The first showcases their amazing photography of our beautiful jewellery, juxtaposed with their delicious desserts. Here are a few of their amazing photos.






The second collaboration: where jewellery meets desserts meets leather goods

The second collaboration was even more fun. Bringing on board TheDailyEdited, a luxury personalised leather goods company, we created a a customisation competition!

Purely for Instagram, this was about ‘making it your own’. And what better way to do that than with a $1000 prize? Yes, $200 for chocolates, $300 for leather goods and $500 for jewellery, from the respective contributors!

Instagram followers (Australia-only) had to:

  1. Like the images
  2. Tag as many people / as many times as they liked
  3. Follow the other two companies

The first Instagram post by nectar&stone saw over 1100 shares on their page – a sure sign that followers loved this collaboration too!

And while the competition may now be over, the glorious images live on as we see here.




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