Sport Some Style with Custom Sport Cufflinks

Cufflinks aren’t only for the wealthy anymore. Once a status symbol of the elite, now any man can add a bit of class and elegance to his suit with a well-designed custom cufflink.

What Sort of Event Calls for Custom Cufflinks?

Interestingly enough, cufflinks are no longer reserved only for formal occasions anymore either. It used to be that cufflinks were appropriate only in formal settings, like weddings, parties, galas, receptions, balls, or formal work-related events. Now, men wear cufflinks as a statement of personal style in a variety of settings. And when they’re custom cufflinks – that is, designed just for you – then even better.

Make no mistake: Formal events will always call for cufflinks. But happily, the accessory isn’t excluded from more casual settings either.

Why Wear Custom Cufflinks?

With so few ways to accessorise a suit (how many times can you rotate your ties without boring yourself?), custom-made cufflinks offer a refreshing variety for your wardrobe.

Not only that, Real Men Real Style explains that cufflinks instantly add an elegance and style to your appearance — but they do it in an understated way. You won’t draw undue attention to yourself with well-styled cufflinks, but you will demonstrate that you’re a man with great taste. People notice cufflinks, and your status is automatically elevated a notch or two when you wear them.

How many other accessories can do that for a man?

Sport Cufflinks

Since formal cufflink rules are going out the window, your options for showcasing your interests and personality are opening up. Choosing a cufflink that represents your favorite sport is an excellent way to show off your personality — again, without being over the top.

If you’re going the sport cufflink route, it’s important to avoid tackiness. Your favorite sports team is better reserved for a T-shirt on game day, not for your cufflinks. Instead, choose a precious metal and an elegant design to represent your favorite sport, like one of these:

Sport cufflinks: Style_Rocks_tennis_ball_cufflinks_gold






Start Designing Your Sport Cufflinks Now


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