Chrysoprase: the golden leek of gemstones

Chrysoprase: the golden leek of gemstones

‘What now?’ you may say? Well, while this stone has been around since antiquity, its name originates from the literal translation of the Green of ‘chrusos’, meaning gold and ‘prason’, meaning leek. The leek is a reference to its colour, while there are often golden inclusions within the stone itself.

Chrysoprase  – one of the rarest and valuable varieties of chalcedony quartz – differs to its blues and purple-hued brothers and sisters. Chrysoprase is an apple-green colour, as we see below, which comes from nickel impurities. Interestingly, without these impurities, it would be colourless quartz crystal.

Chrysoprase gemstone

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Chrysoprase meaning

The stone is thought to carry strong energy and crystal powers which can bring happiness, luck, protection, prosperity and success – sounds like a great stone to have doesn’t it! This was a widely held view in the world of antiquity, being prized by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians.

Chrysoprase jewelry designs

As found in our posts on amazonite and lapis lazuli, chyrsoprase is best when in a cabochon or smooth form. Here we see this demonstrated perfectly with the celebrity star power of Rosario Dawson. Don’t those earrings look fabulous?

Rosario Dawson celebrity chrysoprase earrings
Rosario Dawson celebrity chrysoprase earrings

At StyleRocks, we have opted for a simpler – and more affordable – ring. When choosing the best colour (silver, yellow gold or rose gold) for this ring, we found that the rose gold enhanced the chrysoprase beautifully.

Chrysoprase round cabochon rose gold ring


Would you have chosen rose gold or yellow?

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