Chocolates and Jewellery for Valentine’s Day – is there a better combination?

Chocolate AND jewellery for Valentine’s Day: is there a better combination?

Well, at StyleRocks HQ we say – try to beat it!

We’ve partnered up with Lollypotz, the innovative chocolate bouquet provider. We first met Louise Curtis, Director of Lollypotz, through the Women in Focus Silicon Valley study tour in May 2013 – you can read about that amazing journey here.

We love chocolate…bouquets

The Lollypotz motto for their chocolate bouquets is “It makes more sense to give them a bouquet they can eat.” Couldn’t agree more! Having recently purchased  – and sampled, of course – the Baci bouquet, these Baci chocolates were among the freshest ever tasted. Truly! Mr StyleRocks made exactly the same comment too.

Lollypotz has 160 different kinds of chocolate bouquets, at varying price points and catering for a range of occasions. But of course with Valentine’s Day around the corner, that’s really what we’re thinking about the most.

We love chocolate bouquets + jewellery

Louise and the team at Lollypotz are in love with StyleRocks jewellery. Not only for the ability to customise their jewellery to their tastes, but they’re also massive fans of the quality of it too. So we put our heads together and thought: ‘How can we collaborate to provide a really exciting proposition for both Lollypotz and StyleRocks customers?’

The answer was so obvious it nearly hit us in the face!

Lollypotz is offering $25 or $50 StyleRocks customisable jewellery gift certificates with its eight most popular bouquets. Here we see the Sparkly Pink bouquet










And here we see the Pink Sensation bouquet










This means that any one who purchases a Lollypotz chocolate bouquet with a StyleRocks gift certificate receives either $25 or $50 to spend customising their jewellery at

Chocolates now + jewellery later = the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

What about the StyleRocks 18 carat white gold amethyst & diamond halo ring?

Great question!

Any Lollypotz bouquet purchased by 5pm 10 February 2014 will go into the draw to win this stunning StyleRocks A-grade Brazilian amethyst and diamond halo ring, valued at $2500.









We’ve been waiting for an excuse to add this ring to our range  – and here it was.

The ring is of course, as with everything at StyleRocks, fully customisable. You can choose from white, yellow or rose gold, and a range of gemstones including amethyst, blue topaz, pink spinel, green amethyst, citrine, garnet and others. To see how it all works, visit here.

The winner of the $2500 StyleRocks ring will be drawn at random, and be presented with it by members of the Lollypotz and StyleRocks teams in person on 14 February 2014.

There’s more good news

If you don’t win the ring, you will still have an opportunity to purchase it at its special introductory price of $2500.00, which represents amazing value. This is a limited offer ending 31 March 2014, so we suggest you get in quick. And yes, you will be able to use your StyleRocks gift certificate too!

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