Cannes diamonds be a girl’s best friend? YES!

Well the Cannes 2012 Film Festival is on again. The city is heaving with actresses, models and paparazzi. Oh, and a few film-makers. But we’re not interested in them so much, it’s more about the BLING, right?

Certainly, trawling through the images of glamourous actress after glamorous actress, that the jewellery theme for this event is diamonds, diamonds, and more diamonds.

First we see Naomi Watts, sporting some beautiful jewellery by Chopard: the delicate earrings are counterbalanced by the more-than-sizeable necklace with more than 56 carats of diamonds!

Then came Kelly Brook, who looked amazing in a white dress, accessorized with diamond Bulgari jewellery:

Finally – a personal favourite of mine – Cheryl Cole. I’ve long been a fan of Cheryl, not necessarily for her singing/dancing abilities but for the way she managed to become the UK’s sweetheart following the sad breakdown of her marriage. Anyway, I thought she looked incredible in this Stephane Rolland gown, with David Morris diamond chandelier earrings.

While the StyleRocks premise is about offering affordable, quality customised jewellery to its customers, it’s always inspiring to see what the other end of the price spectrum is offering! If Naomi, Kelly and Cheryl had the opportunity to create their own personalised jewellery on StyleRocks, what do you think they would create?

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