Beautiful blue topaz for a beautiful baby boy

One of the things we love most at StyleRocks – apart from being able to offer StyleRocks beautiful, quality, jewellery that they’ve designed themselves, and at an affordable price – is helping them recognise life’s milestones with beautiful jewellery.

Recently a StyleRocker had a beautiful baby boy and asked us if we had something available to celebrate his arrival.

Of course, blue sprang to mind – and at StyleRocks we offer a beautiful blue topaz emerald cut cocktail ring!

As you may know, there are a number of different colours of blue topaz: light (Sky), medium (Swiss) and dark (London).

We headed on over to our supplier to check their inventory stock – the medium blue topaz is so beautiful we had to take a photo…

The only thing the StyleRocker is now deciding is which metal she would like it in: silver, 9 carat gold, 18 carat gold, white, yellow, rose…the wonderful thing about StyleRocks is that you can design it, exactly as you want it!

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