April birthstone: Diamond

The April birthstone is Diamond. Happy birthday to all those born in April!

Well where do we start with diamonds? It’s amazing how such a small stone has such power: enough to start wars but on a happier note, to be the symbol of two people sharing the rest of their lives together, whether it be diamonds on the engagement ring, or on the wedding ring!


Image: StyleRocks

Where do diamonds come from?

Diamonds are mined in Central and Southern Africa, as well as Russia, and Canada. More recently though, India and Brazil have yielded some significant deposits. Diamonds are also mined here in Australia, from the Kimberley region. This is a lucrative diamond deposit, particularly for the beautiful pink diamonds. In fact 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from this remote region north of Western Australia.

Diamond history

Diamonds are one of the oldest gemstones on earth, given that they are actually a form of carbon – think of a piece of coal! Over a long time – some 1-3 billion years, and then placed under extreme pressure and very high temperatures (from geological forces), they eventually are pushed up through the earth’s crust.

Why are we so fascinated with diamonds?

As mentioned earlier, these tiny little gemstones have a particularly potent connection with love and relationships. Diamonds are considered to be able to strengthen relationships between couples, hence their usage in marriage proposals.

Historically these tiny little gemstones were thought to have supernatural powers, warding off panic and spells. They were also thought to amplify thoughts: so ‘good’ becomes ‘great’ and ‘bad’ becomes ‘horrible. The stone of truth and victory, they were worn by many in battle to help claim victory over their enemies.

But let’s not forget the bling factor. Who can’t help but be dazzled by something of such purity and brilliance?!

Amazing diamonds 

As always, it’s easy to find much of the annual $30 billion diamond industry on the red carpet! The recent awards season brought some incredible diamonds to showcase, as we saw with Angelina Jolie wearing some incredible 42 carat diamond earrings by Robert Procop at the Oscars, while Helen Mirren wore some impeccably designed Asprey earrings at the BAFTAs.

In terms of some really unusual design, we came across these ‘sliced’ diamonds in these ‘Fierce’ earrings by L’Dezen.


Image: L’Dezen

Aren’t they incredible? Slicing diamonds is a relatively new technique – we love it for providing a new take on a mighty old gemstone.

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