A surprising side-effect of media coverage

As keen StyleRockers will have noticed, I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy quite a bit of media coverage for StyleRocks over the last few months. I’ve been so busy with a number of StyleRocks developments recently (more to come later!) that I haven’t summarised all StyleRocks press over the last month or so but it has come from a wide range of sources, including a great article from Her World Singapore – one of the leading titles in that country, as a result of visiting there on the StyleRocks Microsoft Scholarship.

Then, just last week, Dynamic Business published a very complimentary article on StyleRocks, jewellery customisation and how I got to where I am with StyleRocks, and changing the way people create and purchase jewellery.

As a result of that article, a fellow entrepreneur contacted me wanting guidance and advice for their journey. As it happens, this is the second such approach in less than 2 months; the first contact was following my appearance on Sky News in January.

I’m delighted that people are reaching out and they feel they can ask me for help and guidance; after all, I did the same and reached out to a certain shoe company for some general questions on direction and the best path to take. Certainly, I feel I’ve been very lucky and like to give back what I can, where I can.

In some ways though, I feel this request for guidance is perhaps a bit premature? I haven’t ‘made it’ in the sense that I’m raking in millions of dollars! Nor have I successfully sold the business to Amazon for oh, I don’t know, a cool $100million!

But perhaps that’s why these entrepreneurs feel they can reach out – because I’m still ‘in their shoes’ and therefore accessible and approachable. I’ve conceived, built and delivered a concept that brings jewellery customisation to the masses – and in a short space of time, more or less single-handedly. So to them, gazing at the entrepreneurial road ahead, undoubtedly full of twists, turns and potholes, my journey represents success.

So perhaps they’re right. I guess I’m so busy looking at the road ahead that I don’t check in the rear view mirror to see the distance covered to date. So, for tonight anyway, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back – and a well-deserved early mark!

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