An amethyst cocktail ring to make your heart sing

I came across this white gold and diamond cocktail ring on the Kiki McDonough website:

It really just looked so delicious! Simple, clean, elegant  – a stunning cocktail ring. A bit girly without being frilly.

And the stone: amethyst. What a great choice. They also do it in a blue topaz and while I think it also sparkles, the amethyst for me just has that extra wow factor, especially for evening.

A bit of history surrounding amethyst: Amethyst is also known as the Bishop’s stone, as it is worn by most catholic bishops to represent piety and wisdom. The folklore surrounding amethyst often refers to alcohol; in fact, its name in ancient Greek means ‘not drunk’. The Romans believed amethyst would prevent drunkenness…perhaps that’s why it’s the perfect choice for a cocktail ring!

Which stone do you like to wear in your cocktail rings? And with which cocktails?





2 thoughts on “An amethyst cocktail ring to make your heart sing

  1. I love a pearl in my cocktail rings. I have a gorgeous pearl ring with marcasite detailing all around the edge. I always get comments on it when I’m wearing it… And as for the cocktail? Maybe a cosmopolitan!

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