Amazonite: the hot new gemstone in jewelry

Amazonite jewelry: the hot new gemstone

Amazonite is really the hot new gemstone in jewelry. Given its provenance, the Amazon in South America, you might say it’s been hiding in the jungle all these years! This isn’t strictly true, as it’s been in usage since ancient Egypt – however, it’s only really only now enjoying a resurgence as the population at large discovers it.

However, it’s not just found in Brazil, it is also mined in Russia, USA, Madagascar and even in here in Australia.

Amazonite is one of the most exciting gemstones this author has came across for some time: to understand why it’s so beautiful, let’s take a look at this picture here:

Amazonite Gemstone

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Amazonite Color

There’s a real mix of blue and green to this stone, flecked with streaks or spots of white. Additionally it has a slight shine to the stone, which gives it a real luminescence. This stone inspires imagery of beautiful seas, don’t you think? However, colour of the amazonite can, like all stones, vary. It can sometimes be seen with green or yellow tinges too.

Amazonite Shape

When polished, amazonite jewelry gives off a waxy finish, which lends itself to being cut in a cabochon (smooth) shape, rather than faceted. Amazonite is often found in tumbled beads and stones, especially when free form.

Amazonite Jewelry Designs

Here we see a pair of stunning amazonite and diamond earrings, which demonstrate the free form of the stone.

Amazonite Diamond Earrings

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For a more regular shape – and more affordable price – the smooth round cabochon style can be seen here – the white colour of the silver ring setting offsets the the white flecks in the stone perfectly.

Cushion cabochon amazonite silver pendant










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How and where would you wear your amazonite jewelry?

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