Addicted to jewellery

Addicted to jewellery? Define ‘addiction’

The other day, I was asked by someone how much I love jewellery. It’s hard to describe.

I’ve always loved jewellery – and keen readers will remember my thoughts behind it from this post.

But perhaps that doesn’t describe it enough. A scale of 1 to 10 doesn’t quite work, because my version of ’10’ may not be the same as someone else’s.

I’m not a trained jewellery designer, and I freely admit that. I have a strong sense of this aesthetic, and this helps with my untrained eye.

Addiction leads to learning

I can almost always spot where a piece of jewellery has come from. That ring’s from Astley Clarke, those earrings are from Jan Logan. I designed my own sapphire ring and then – no joke – saw the exact same design start appearing on Tiffany advertisements around London about a year later. (But of course, mine was a fraction of the price!)

How do I know where a piece has come from? Well, some people get up in the morning and start planning the rest of their meals for the week. Others devour books. I log on and look at jewellery websites – that’s my addiction.

What do I want to do with this piece of jewellery?

At an event, where the evening’s topic was ‘the definition of cool‘ from a design perspective, Linda Gregoriou said her litmus test, when seeing a beautiful interiors object was “Do I want to f*** it”. Everyone in the audience had giggled nervously.

I get where she’s coming from, although my reaction to a beautiful piece of jewellery is less sexual in nature, and comes more from my heart. My litmus test is an instinctive reaction of ‘I HAVE to have it!’, and I usually find my heart contracting slightly as I think this. If I find myself going back to the shop window simply to drool over the object for the 4th time, or gazing longingly at the website, then I know that it’s a must-have. And hang the cost!

So to my curious enquirer, I say ‘Jewellery’s my vice, my addiction, my passion.’ Thank goodness StyleRocks is a more affordable way to satisfy that desire!

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