A stunning Ceylonese sapphire

Yesterday at lunch, one of the other guests was wearing a *beautiful* sapphire. It was a real cornflower blue – cornflower is often used as a reference when describing Ceylon sapphires – and it was big. I’m guessing around 6 carats at least! Surrounded by diamond brilliants, which gave it a leaf effect, it was elegant without being ostentatious.

She admired my sapphire ring – also from Ceylon, or Sri Lanka as it’s now known – and we exchanged stories on each of them. Hers was her mother’s engagement present…so that puts it around 1940 or so. Mine was my wedding present, so that dates it to 2006.

The history of Ceylonese sapphires is much older than that of Australian sapphires, as I’ve covered in a recent post. In Greek, the word sapphire, literally means ‘blue’ and some of the finest examples of blue are seen in Ceylon sapphire. Since antiquity, some of the world’s most beautiful sapphires – including mine, and the one I saw yesteday – have been mined in Ratnapura, which is the south west region of Sri Lanka.

The range of blue sapphires on offer with Ceylonese sapphires vary from a soft baby-blue to mid-blue or the ‘cornflower blue’ through to the rare intense royal blue stones  – similar to the Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement ring.

Other sapphires produced in Sri Lanka include pink, yellow, white, green and star stones – imagine how this star stone would look when set in a ring!

Image: About.com

StyleRocks won’t be supplying these higher-end stones for you to work with – gemstone supply is not our principal business! But of course, we will be able to source little brilliant sapphires for you to add your luxury touches to your unique creations.



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